DIY Quadcopter Kit: Buying The Right Kit for Your Use

DIY Quadcopter
Jack Brown
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As fun as it can be to enjoy flying your own quadcopter, you might have a little more fun with making your own quadcopter. There are many options to choose from right now when looking for a fun DIY quadcopter kit.

A DIY quadcopter kit is a product that allows you to quickly set up your own quadcopter. This will come with all the necessary parts required to help you out with getting it set up. However, the pieces will vary with each model.

For instance, you can find the frame kit which is used to help set up the outside body of the quadcopter. A few motor pieces will also be included alongside the electric materials needed to keep the quadcopter up in the air.

A few propellers will also be included to help you with getting each piece to start up. Of course, you also have the leeway to add a camera to your model if you wish provided that it was not included in your set. Everything will have to be organized in a proper manner to provide you with a better overall look that will make your quadcopter look more attractive as it can easily stand out.

Quadcopter kit

The amazing thing about these kits is that they come in many forms and will provide you with some strong designs. Of course, you will have a little more fun with flying one of these quadcopters, what with you having the overall satisfaction of having actually set up your own model.

With this in mind, you need to look carefully to see what options are available for your use. Here are a few of the best DIY quadcopter kit options for you to look forward to flying and assembling.

DIY quadcopter kit – five great choices


This 4-axis RC quadcopter option comes with a basic frame kit plus four pieces for the motor. The A2212 motors work with a few Li-Poly cells to help generate power. This is used with a 30A ESC that uses an input voltage with either a two or three-cell lithium battery or a five to nine-cell NiCd/NIMh battery, and to make sure you use the right battery, you can read our article about drone batteries and get more familiar with the topic.

Many of the wires used here are color-coordinated. This ensures that the user will not lose track of whatever has to be linked up properly while trying to install all of its parts in the right fashion. Also, there are two 1045 propeller pairs included in the quadcopter set.

These are made with lightweight carbon nylon materials and are ten inches in diameter. The slope is a little less than half that total to create a balanced look.


This will establish a great white and red model with a 282g weight with a 17.7-inch wheelbase. This model is designed to be stable and will create a strong look that can take about ten hours on average to set up. This is designed with beginners in mind as the arrangement is relatively elaborate but not overly complicated.

This may be paired with a five-channel radio and flight controller. A charger can be used separately to get this to work as this will not require any fuel or outside fluids for the model to start flying in the air. This ensures a setup that should be easier for most people to handle when trying to fly something well.

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This is a racing quadcopter that has a more intricate design with a larger number of parts. This is a full carbon fiber model that is light in weight and uses a 5.8G 600mw image transmission. A HobbyWing 1806 motor is included alongside an electronic speed controller to help adjust the speed of the quadcopter as it is in motion.

A rubber damper is included as well to help it absorb shocks and keep it steady while in the air.

An HD NTSC camera with a 700-line resolution level is also included. This camera can be installed inside of the quadcopter. An antenna is also used on the model with that setup being thick and easy to adjust.


A Li-ion battery at 1500mAh in capacity is included in the kit. This can be directly connected to the motor to help power it up, thus meaning that there is no need to buy a separate battery for this to be powered up properly. After getting it all installed and the pieces set up properly, you can get this quadcopter to go up in the air. And, to get more familiar with this class of drones, we suggest checking out our article about drone racing.

This all works with a body that is a little more than a pound in weight. The four sets of propellers are also evenly spaced along each other with slanted arms used out from the base to ensure that the rotors will stay intact and keep the model balanced. This ensures that the quadcopter will be very easy to move around while in the air.

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LHI 250mm Quadcopter

LHI made this DIY quadcopter kit as a racing model. This is made with 3k carbon fiber to keep it working quickly and effectively.  It is only about 250mm in its wheelbase, thus making it very compact and easy to follow when trying to make a setup work as desired.

This uses four Emax 12A ESC setups for its power system. This allows the model to be powered quickly and to keep energy moving as evenly as possible. The CC3D flight controller will especially work well as it allows the model to be adjusted quickly and efficiently while in the air.

LHI 250mm Quadcopter

A power board is included with the flight controller. This can be added to any control setup without the need to use any extensive wiring processes.

This also contains four MT2204 2300KV brushless motors for the rotors. These work in unison to allow all four rotors to move at the same speed to create a balanced and carefully organized ride. At approximately one pound in weight, this should be easy to follow and adjust as needed. This in turn allows the quadcopter to keep running as effectively as possible.

It can take about five hours for most people to set this up. Also, a battery plug is not included in this model so you will have to provide your own for this to work carefully. This can work with most types of rechargeable batteries so you should have a little more leeway in terms of choosing the right option.

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YoCoo DIY F450

YoCoo made this as a basic F450 kit with four 30A ESC setups and two pairs of propellers for each of these ends. This is to create a basic square shape for the arrangement on the entire quadcopter to make it run properly.

This uses an ESC output of 30A in its continuous form but it can work with a 40A burst for about ten seconds at a time. This should be good enough for when you’re trying to get an extra amount of energy out to make it run faster or you just want it to stay steady during tougher flying conditions.

YoCoo DIY F450

The new PCB board is designed to work with a 50mm controller board. This should work for most 50mm models including FF, MWC and MK options. The A2212/13 1000KV brushless motors are designed to be smooth and easy to maintain. They will generate fewer vibrations as the quadcopter is in the air, thus allowing you to keep it steady if necessary.

The 1045 propeller is made with a carbon nylon material and is ten inches in diameter. The 282g weight and 17.7-inch wheelbase especially make this a compact model. You can also choose to get either a lithium battery or a slightly larger NiCd or NIMh battery added to your quadcopter to keep it powered up properly.

This model, when assembled properly, can complete a variety of movements. It can handle cruising and hovering movements, for instance. It can even be fitted with a small camera if desired although you would have to get that separately.

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Hobbypower DIY F450 Quadcopter Kit

Yet another F450 base model, this choice from Hobbypower works with just about all the parts you need to get a quadcopter up in the air. The only thing that is missing is the 3S Li-Po battery and 6-channel or greater radio system needed to help power it up and control it.

This uses a basic F450 frame with landing gear that can fit a F450 or F550 model. It uses four brushless DJI 2212 920KV motors and four 30A speed controllers to regulate how well it can move in the air. An APM2.8 flight controller is also included on the side to help improve its connection.

Hobbypower DIY F450 Quadcopter Kit

The base uses white and red arms to make it easy to figure out how the installation should work. The orange and black propellers are to be used respectively on the red and white arms to create an even balance as the model is in the air.

This can take about eight to ten hours to set up due to the extensive need to wire materials and to get enough bolts connected. You will have to make sure the wires are hidden properly so they won’t be accidentally cut while in flight.

You will need to provide a 3S Li-Po battery as mentioned earlier but you will have the freedom to choose the physical size of that battery as most physical models will work properly. As for the controller, some testing is recommended after you have finished setting it all up. This is to help you see if what you are using is appropriate and easy to link up as needed.

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Who should buy this?

A DIY quadcopter kit is best for those who want to learn about how to set up different electric vehicles. The small body of one of these quadcopters makes it a popular option among many who want to learn how to get a vehicle set up right.

This is also great for people who want to make quadcopters that they feel are truly their own. The process of setting up one’s own quadcopter can be something a little more fun for many to handle, what with how it allows a person to become familiar with all the parts of a quadcopter.

This can make for something a little more fun and exciting to enjoy using when finding a way to have some real fun with a quadcopter.

Building a quadcopter

Anyone who wants a little more freedom in terms of getting a remote-controlled quadcopter ready will certainly enjoy buying one of these models. You will have more fun with making a model your own because you can add all sorts of items to it.

Whether you want to add some fancy LED lights on the sides, a camera at the bottom or even a support feature for a flag or banner that you can display in the air, you can get a DIY quadcopter to do just about anything you want.

Is this great for kids?

A DIY quadcopter kit can even be great for kids to work with. Kids are often interested in learning about how all sorts of things work. It only makes sense to offer them a toy that allows them to put it all together.

You can always work alongside your young one to get a quadcopter made. This can allow for you and your kid to have something fun to do together while enjoying the satisfaction of making such a thing together. This should make for a better overall experience as you are trying to make it fly.

You might want to see how old your kid is before getting your little one a DIY quadcopter kit. Most kits are best for kids who are twelve years of age or older. Some adult supervision may also be required depending on the model. The more intricate and detailed models will certainly require a greater amount of effort on your end in terms of how it should be set up.

Build your own drone kit

It also helps for your kids to have enough time set up to get this ready. Try and spread out the time used for setting this up out by about a week or so. This should be enough to keep your kids interested in the quadcopter without dealing with the fatigue associated with spending far too much time trying to get it ready for use.

What will it cost?

The cost of a DIY quadcopter kit will vary by model although you might not spend as much as you would on a pre-made model, what with you having to put in an extra bit of effort to get this set up properly.

Most DIY quadcopter kits are available for around $100. The BW DIY F450, for instance, will go for about $105 in most places. Some of the more intricate options that feature a larger number of parts will cost even more. The YKS DIY 250 model can be found for about $200.

BW DIY F450 in the case

Depending on what you order, you might have to add something separate like a new battery to make it work. Not all DIY quadcopter kits come with their own batteries. A separate rechargeable battery that comes with its own plug might have to be bought separately from the rest of your setup. It can cost about twenty to thirty dollars to get one of these ready for use in most cases.

The more elaborate models will clearly cost the most money. Make sure you check on what you are using carefully so you can find an option that you know is right for your own work.

Key points to see

Being able to build your very own quadcopter should be something fun but you have to look carefully to see what is right for your use in general. There are many good options that you have to look into when finding something that fits in perfectly with your quadcopter demands.

How much work is required?

You might have to spend an extensive period of time trying to get one of these quadcopters built on your own. It can take as many as ten hours for you to get one set up. The amount of time needed will be based heavily on how big your model is and whether or not all its parts are included.

Build your quadcopter

You can always choose to customize your model by painting its parts in a variety of colors or adding a camera to it among other things. However, those will require some extra time and, depending on the parts you want to add, may require a bit of extra wiring. You must choose an option that isn’t too complicated or hard to follow.

How is the build?

The build that is being used on your quadcopter can typically come in a standard F450 format like the models from YoCoo and BW listed here. The F450 is a basic arrangement that uses a square-like design between the individual propeller sets.

Every individual option will vary based on how it will look in the end so try to find pictures of what your quadcopter will look like after you done assembling it to see if you can find something that you will want to use after setting it all up the right way.

Where are the instructions?

An instruction manual can help you to see how the parts of your kit work and how to get them set up. This can work with a proper series of steps relating to how to make it work as demanded. This includes a review of what parts will have to go in first.

Finished quadcopter

Not all DIY quadcopter kits will come with their own instruction manuals. The YoCoo model mentioned earlier does not have a manual with it, for instance. However, you can always go online to look for information on how to set up your model to see that you are setting it up carefully enough. The DIY quadcopter community is rather strong and should be able to help you out if you ever need it.

How can a controller work?

In most cases you will have to get your own controller to get your quadcopter ready for use. It can cost at least fifty dollars to get one of these controllers. It will cost more for a choice that offers more control options including a six-axis design that allows for a greater sense of freedom over how the model is to move around in the air.

Drone controller

Fortunately, most of these DIY kits come with receivers that can link up to a proper controller. You will have to choose something that is appropriate for your use but you must look carefully to see if you can actually handle the controller properly and if it will work with your model.

Can you add a camera?

Many people these days have been adding their own small compact cameras onto their quadcopters. You can do the same with yours but you have to at least look to see if your quadcopter can actually handle a camera. You must see if the quadcopter can support one without creating lots of vibrations that might keep the camera from staying still and actually taking good pictures.

Camera on drone

You must look to see if there’s a flat surface that you can mount a camera onto. Also, most controllers will not support a camera so you might have to adjust the camera right off of the main base of your quadcopter. This is to allow you to have a little bit of extra control over your quadcopter.

Not sure which model to buy?

You should look carefully to see that you can find a great quadcopter kit that you can enjoy having. You should look to see that the model you are choosing is nice and easy to control while still being easy to set up.

You will also have to spend several hours getting the quadcopter ready, what with a need to make it all set up properly. Some wiring will be required to get your model ready although this will vary based on each model.

Build DIY quadcopter

In some cases you will need to get a battery added. A battery can come in some models but not all of them. Therefore, you should think about whether or not you want to add your own battery into the mix before buying a model.

You must also look at the design of the quadcopter to see if it is one that you can easily work with. The F450 design is clearly the most popular option for you to choose but there are plenty of other choices to look forward to as well.

You can always stick with a rectangular or square-shaped arrangement for your model but again, make sure you look to see what the final design of your quadcopter will be before choosing to buy one. This should not only help you see what’s available but also give you a better idea of what it should look like so you’ll have a bit of an idea of what to do while assembling your model.

Here are a few positive and negative aspects of a DIY quadcopter kit that you can consider before going forward with buying one of these models:


  • You can learn all about the ins and outs of whatever quadcopter you want to build.
  • It doesn’t cost far too much to get one of these ready. You can spend about $100 or so on most of these models.
  • You can always customize your quadcopter to include a separate camera or a controller of your choosing provided it is compatible with your model. You could even create your own custom paint job if you want.
  • There’s a better sense of fulfillment that will come about as you are done working on your quadcopter. This is thanks to how you do so much work to get it to all come about in a way that you see fit.


  • Not all of the necessary pieces for getting a quadcopter ready will be included within your set.
  • The design of your quadcopter might not be as appealing to you as what you’d get out of a ready-to-fly model.
  • The amount of time it will take for you to get this ready can be extensive. It can take at least five hours on average to get this to work.
  • You need to make sure all the cables and wires within your model are organized carefully. They must not only be carefully linked up but also easy to hide so they won’t be exposed.

A DIY quadcopter kit can certainly be a fun choice for you to look into when it comes to getting a great toy to play with. The thrill of working on your very own quadcopter will certainly be something to look forward to but you must make sure when choosing a quadcopter that you are finding something that is appropriate for your use and can be easy to set up.

Think carefully about the effort that will come with getting one of these great models ready too.

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  • Christopher Mills

    It is cool that everything is so flexible. I can build my own drone with the parts and functions I want or I need. I can also teach my kid how to build machines and program them. Isn’t it great?

  • Frendrick Anderson

    Well done HobbyPower. These are the right models for all those who want to learn how to build vehicles. I recommend this to kids in order to upgrade their logic and make something that actually works. These models will teach beginners on how to build their personal drones. Way to go!

  • John Whitehouse

    From my point of view, connecting the controller is the most difficult part of the drone building. Carefully paid attention should overcome this and every other problem and should lead you into making your own drone. Building your personal drone will not only teach you how to construct vehicles, but will bring a beautiful feeling of fulfillment in you.

    • Plus building your own drone is a lot cheaper too.

  • Totally agree with you, Frendrick. Well said.

  • Howie McTrevor

    BW DIY F450 was my very first quad kit ever and I was happy with it. You just have to know how to solder. The solder pads were fine. The bullet connectors were tight but not too much. I used electrical tape on all exposed connections. Works great on a 2200 3s35c battery. It flies well. Not bad!

  • Jack Brown

    The BW DIY F450 is a great kit and many users have the similar to your experience. The Hobbypower F450 is also a great kit that you should consider giving a shot, I tried it out myself and, once you have assembled it, it flies great and is quite stable.

  • Charles Estes

    I just ordered the Hobbypower DIY 250mm Quadcopter Mini Racing Drone + HP T2204 2300KV Motor + BLHeli 20A ESC +NAZE32 6DOF Flight Controller +5045 Propeller
    Additionally, I ordered a Radiolink AT10 Radio. I’ll post my comments after I constructed, configured, and flown same. Thanks for your insightful reviews Jack. I thought they were very well done.

  • Jack Brown

    Always glad to help Charles! Make sure you inform us on how your project went! We would love to be updated 🙂

  • shubham

    hello.need some help with my project.
    I am making quadcopert with 2200kv motors and 6000maH 4S battery and 30amp custome made ESC but i am facing the issue with ESC. ESC suddenly burns out and i so i changed all of them once but again facing the same problem so need some support how to solve issue.
    and i am using airdupilot as flight controller.